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Family Packages

Family Packages

While on vacation in Alexandria, you have some exciting & entertaining Tours available to you.
Why not seize the opportunity and visit the Historical Sites of Cairo or Luxor. Or maybe a visit to the World War 2 Cemetery in El Alamian.
We also offer short excursions in Alexandria, so there is something for everyone with Discovery Tours.

Egypt charms

$ 750
Tour Overview Experience a “one of a Kind” Egypt tour in which you will explore the splendors of the Ancient

Egypt low cost trip

$ 650
Tour Overview Experience a lifetime Egyptian trip to explore the splendors of Egypt, starting with a tour to Giza plateau

Sacred Egyptian trip

$ 1150
Tour Overview Enjoy a lifetime Egyptian trip where you will be mesmerized by the color, the history, the grandeur, and

Egypt the beautiful

$ 1100
Tour Overview Experience the most amazing vacation trip to Egypt by exploring amazing destinations. You will be taken to discover

Discovering Egypt

$ 1350
Tour Overview Explore Egypt’s highlights in a 10-nights vacation tour package. Begin your trip in Cairo, where you’ll visit the

Nile Adventure

$ 1100
Tour Overview This 13 day vacation trip in Egypt will take you in a memorable adventure along the Nile, starting

Egyptian Adventure

$ 530
Tour Overview Discover the splendors of Egypt during a 7 nights vacation trip, starting with a picturesque evening at the
10% Discount

Ancient Egypt Adventures

$ 650
Tour Overview Reveal Egypt’s beauty in this exciting 14 days vacation trip package. Discover the most impressive Pharaonic relics of