Egypt has always been one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Now, according to a list made by British newspaper Express, Egypt’s capital, Cairo, is the world’s most budget-friendly tourist city.

The British newspaper reported that travel-booking website”” has stated the top three cheapest cities to visit in 2019. The list had Cairo on top of the cheapest destinations, followed by Mexico City, and Antalya in Turkey

The costs studied in this research took into consideration the overall costs of travel including flights, meal prices, hotels and tours transportation making Cairo worth at least a 24 hours stopover, since you can get the most out of your holiday without paying many funds. So you can go visit Giza Pyramids, take a tour in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir square, trek around in Old Cairo and spend a night in a 5 stars hotel, all of that with a very limited budget

According to CNN travel, it has published in January 2019 the annual list of top destinations for the year, placing Cairo in Second place after Christchurch in New Zealand. Beside the cheap costs, visiting Cairo is about to be even more exciting with the soon inauguration of the Grand Egyptian Museum, the enormous museum that will reveal for the first time the full collection of King Tutankhamen Tomb, and restoration labs are currently open to visitors. No doubt that the city is not to be missed for your next short break